People of the earth

Based out of Somerset KY and Nashville TN, Worship Artists People of the Earth is comprised of band members Dustin Fenison (Vocals / Guitar), Jorge Lopez Jr. (Drums), Steve Hampton (Guitar), and Lydia Laird (Vocals).

In April 2015, the band released their debut album "We Are People of the Earth" and quickly began touring across the country at camps, conferences, and festivals. This past winter the band was thrilled to be the opener for the 7eventh Time Down and Audio Adrenaline tour.  

Dustin Fenison, the band’s frontman and founder is a staff songwriter for Daywind Music Publishing and also serves as one of the pastors at his church in Kentucky.  Fenison explains that the role of pastor has certainly influenced how he approaches songwriting in general and also specifically for the band's new EP. “We use this phrase “In All Things, Jesus” at our home church to be a summation of this idea that the gospel changes everything about us and how we engage with everyone around us.  Lydia, Jorge, Steve, and I serve each week at our respective churches and through that we are learning just how to live in this reality.  We are desperate for God’s grace and love daily.”

The band has been busy in the studio writing, recording, and releasing new songs throughout the first half of 2017.  These songs have picked up steam on streaming platforms and have gained them the attention of thousands of new fans as well as music industry insiders.  This streaming success has served as the springboard for their latest release In All Things.   Released on June 23rd, the EP features 5 brand new tracks with contributions from a score of award-winning songwriters including Aaron Rice, David Moffitt, James Teally, and Kelby Dover.  Also included on the EP is a stirring version of the North Point InsideOut anthem “Death was Arrested”.

Fenison continues, “We celebrate the gospel, and then we are healed again by it, then we celebrate it some more.  It’s in this cycle that the songs on this project were born. We hope that listeners experience this in their own lives.  Further, we pray that people can hear the gospel message threaded throughout these six songs and that it encourages and strengthens them in the Lord.”

In that truth, Dustin, Jorge Lopez Jr. (drums), Mark Drury (bass), Lydia Laird (vocals), and Stephen Hampton (guitars), are not just people of the earth, they’re citizens of the Kingdom. They’ve been tasked with shining a light King Jesus and giving voice to the praise of His children.

In a final contemplation of this calling, Dustin declares, “God draws people to Himself. His beauty is on display through Jesus. Sometimes it’s tough in the world we live in now to comprehend the beauty of a God who would restore, rescue, walk and suffer with us. That’s a God who is worthy of our worship. The Bible actually says everyone will worship Him at some point, but we’re just trying to get the party started a little early.”