People of the earth

Based out of Somerset KY and Nashville TN, Worship Artists People of the Earth is comprised of band members Dustin Fenison (Vocals / Guitar), Jorge Lopez Jr. (Drums), Steve Hampton (Guitar), and Josh Lopez (Keys, Vocals).

Dustin Fenison, the band’s frontman and founder serves as one of the pastors at his church in Kentucky.  Fenison explains that serving at their home church has certainly influenced how they approach songwriting specifically for the band's new EP.  “We have witnessed God do miraculous things as He is awakening a community of believers to His power,” says Dustin Fenison (Vocals / Guitar). “ Walking through this season of claiming Jesus’ ‘victory’ has been the framework for this EP.” Fenison continues, “We use this phrase “In All Things, Jesus” at our home church to be a summation of this idea that the gospel changes everything about us and how we engage with everyone around us.  Jorge, Steve, Josh and I serve each week at our church and through that we are learning just how to live in this reality.  We are desperate for God’s grace and love daily.”

Each a self-proclaimed ‘pastor's kid,’ People Of The Earth’s passion for worship stems playing, writing and expressing themselves in the church through music. The band totes musical influences from artists including Toto, Duran Duran and “80’s pop.” but admit it’s hard to get too far away from Kentucky influences. As an independent band without label support, the band has seen considerable success to date.

Since 2014, the band has released a Full-Length CD (“We Are People of the Earth,” 2015), EP (“In All Things,” 2017), 6 singles and a new Christmas Single, “Come to Jesus - Reconciliation Hymn” (2018), seeing 7M+ streams and features on Spotify Worship Now, A-List Christian & Praise & Worship and Apple Music playlists. Additionally, the band has travelled throughout the country leading worship at camps, conferences and festivals, acting as support for 7eventh Time Down (Merry ‘Lil Christmas Tour) and Alisa Turner.

All songs on the “Victory” EP were written and produced by the band with Jorge Lopez Jr doing the heavy lifting. One of their songs, “Jesus Saves,” is a popular hymn co-produced with Chris Bevins and written by the band’s worship pastor, David Moffitt (a songwriter for Capitol CMG)

Joining Capitol CMG for digital distribution of “Victory,” People Of The Earth is excited to see who will be reached by their new songs in 2019; it is their hope that this unique collection of songs will serve to uplift and inspire all who listen.

“This entire album speaks to the victory that was won for us by Jesus through his death, burial, and resurrection,” says Fenison. “The songs are dripping with the hope of a people who live knowing the war has been won and the enemy defeated and who anxiously await the return of our King to set everything right.”

Fenison continues, “We celebrate the gospel, and then we are healed again by it, then we celebrate it some more.  It’s in this cycle that the songs on this project were born. We hope that listeners experience this in their own lives.  Further, we pray that people can hear the gospel message threaded throughout these six songs and that it encourages and strengthens them in the Lord.”

In that truth, Dustin, Jorge Lopez Jr. (drums), Steve Hampton (guitars) and Josh Lopez (keys, vocals), are not just people of the earth, they’re citizens of the Kingdom. They’ve been tasked with shining a light King Jesus and giving voice to the praise of His children.